Raising Muslim Children in America Especially During the Holiday season.

Having my son in a public school and teaching him religion Islam is sometimes a difficult one. He is only seven and very intelligent. I explain to him that we don’t celebrate Christmas. He is ok with that because we have our holidays that falls in its own time. I am happy that he doesn’t ask me for a gift and things of that nature. Even though I tend to get him a lot of gifts during this season because a girl loves a sale.

Him being in public school, they are doing Christmas like things. So a few weeks ago, his school had story time; they had sent the permission slip so the kids can get tickets to attend. Me and my silly self didn’t really thoroughly look at it. The day of I went to look at the paper just to be reminded of the time it begins. So as I looked on the paper, I read there will be a surprise guest. Soon as I saw that, I was like this special guest has to be Santa.

When Adam came home, and of course, he is so giddy and excited about this story night because he will be going to school at night in his pajamas. I let him know if it’s about Christmas, we will be leaving. He understood that I could tell there was a hint of annoyance.

When we got there the story was ” Frosty The Snow Man ” I was ok with that. I am not so strict like how I brought up. When my parents were young parents, I’m pretty sure we would have been out of there. But as they are getting old, they focus on other things in Islam. I also think when parents become grandparents, they are different. Those people you knew growing up that you called parents flip the script on you.

They had an art craft, which was to make a snow globe. It was more of a paper snow globe. I let Adam participate in the activity. I just took off the part that said ” Christmas of 2019″. Adam, of course, was like, “huh,” but I explained to him there is nothing wrong with making a snow globe, let’s just take off the Christmas part. So when the kids were done with the crafts, the teacher said there is a surprise in the gymnasium. I told Adam, ok, it’s time to go. We aren’t staying to go to the gymnasium. He pouted and asked, can we just check. I took it into consideration, but I would have put MONEY up that the surprise was old Saint Nick himself in that gym. Guess who was right? I was, so the ladies who I guess was helping with the day seen we were dressed and walking past the gym. One lady said, “oh, why are you leaving ?” The other lady said, “oh, you’re leaving to beat the traffic ?” I said no. This is where I should have said yes, smiled, and walked away. No, I always have something to say. I told her the reason, and I said, oh, we don’t celebrate Christmas, so there won’t be a reason to see Santa if we don’t believe him. Why did the ladies say, ” Aww!” Like poor child. I just rolled my eyes said goodnight get home safe and walked away.

That was so annoying to me. Why would these women do that, more so say that in front of my child. Don’t try to make him feel bad or don’t feel sorry for my child due to our religious beliefs. There are SO MANY people who don’t celebrate Christmas. There are Afro – American who do Kwanzaa. There are Jews who do Hanukkah. Damn, there are even Christian like Jehovah witnesses who don’t celebrate Christmas. So why don’t school Pta’s/ Staff keep that in mind. It’s not just little Muslim boys and girls in schools that don’t celebrate Christmas. There are so many other religions as well. Some kids can really be affected by that and go home crying to their parents. Who has to deal with that ? The parents, not the ignorant staff members who are just one note. 

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