Raising Muslim Children in America Especially During the Holiday season.

Having my son in a public school and teaching him religion Islam is sometimes a difficult one. He is only seven and very intelligent. I explain to him that we don’t celebrate Christmas. He is ok with that because we have our holidays that falls in its own time. I am happy that he doesn’t ask me for a gift and things of that nature. Even though I tend to get him a lot of gifts during this season because a girl loves a sale.

Him being in public school, they are doing Christmas like things. So a few weeks ago, his school had story time; they had sent the permission slip so the kids can get tickets to attend. Me and my silly self didn’t really thoroughly look at it. The day of I went to look at the paper just to be reminded of the time it begins. So as I looked on the paper, I read there will be a surprise guest. Soon as I saw that, I was like this special guest has to be Santa.

When Adam came home, and of course, he is so giddy and excited about this story night because he will be going to school at night in his pajamas. I let him know if it’s about Christmas, we will be leaving. He understood that I could tell there was a hint of annoyance.

When we got there the story was ” Frosty The Snow Man ” I was ok with that. I am not so strict like how I brought up. When my parents were young parents, I’m pretty sure we would have been out of there. But as they are getting old, they focus on other things in Islam. I also think when parents become grandparents, they are different. Those people you knew growing up that you called parents flip the script on you.

They had an art craft, which was to make a snow globe. It was more of a paper snow globe. I let Adam participate in the activity. I just took off the part that said ” Christmas of 2019″. Adam, of course, was like, “huh,” but I explained to him there is nothing wrong with making a snow globe, let’s just take off the Christmas part. So when the kids were done with the crafts, the teacher said there is a surprise in the gymnasium. I told Adam, ok, it’s time to go. We aren’t staying to go to the gymnasium. He pouted and asked, can we just check. I took it into consideration, but I would have put MONEY up that the surprise was old Saint Nick himself in that gym. Guess who was right? I was, so the ladies who I guess was helping with the day seen we were dressed and walking past the gym. One lady said, “oh, why are you leaving ?” The other lady said, “oh, you’re leaving to beat the traffic ?” I said no. This is where I should have said yes, smiled, and walked away. No, I always have something to say. I told her the reason, and I said, oh, we don’t celebrate Christmas, so there won’t be a reason to see Santa if we don’t believe him. Why did the ladies say, ” Aww!” Like poor child. I just rolled my eyes said goodnight get home safe and walked away.

That was so annoying to me. Why would these women do that, more so say that in front of my child. Don’t try to make him feel bad or don’t feel sorry for my child due to our religious beliefs. There are SO MANY people who don’t celebrate Christmas. There are Afro – American who do Kwanzaa. There are Jews who do Hanukkah. Damn, there are even Christian like Jehovah witnesses who don’t celebrate Christmas. So why don’t school Pta’s/ Staff keep that in mind. It’s not just little Muslim boys and girls in schools that don’t celebrate Christmas. There are so many other religions as well. Some kids can really be affected by that and go home crying to their parents. Who has to deal with that ? The parents, not the ignorant staff members who are just one note. 

Finding out about my pregnancy

So the past few days I have been feeling pretty off. I don’t consider myself fully in- tune with my body but recently I know I wasn’t feeling myself. I thought about it and realized my monthly cycle hadn’t come in yet.

The other day I told my husband that I am not feeling well. He said ok. The next day something in my soul kept bothering me. I let a few days go by. I knew in my heart that I am pregnant but I didn’t want to accept it. Finally yesterday I got up the courage to take a pregnancy test.

Women’s intuition is always correct. I took the test. Went out the bathroom finished straightening up. I waited for about five minutes and soon as I picked it up I seen the second line came up. At that moment I broke down in tears. Yes pregnancy should be a happy and joyful experience but I didnt see it that way. My son is 6 my daughter is 11months. I just felt I can’t have another child right now. I was done having children.

My husband heard me crying and he asked me what’s wrong. Then he asked it came up positive ? I was crying and said yes. He said it’s ok why are you crying. I wanted to yell. We both spoke about our daughter being the last child. But we plan and God laughs at our plans and shows us what He has planed. So I guess God has a plan for me to have another child.

My husband tried to cheer me up and reminded me there are some women who can’t even have children. So reflect on that and smile that God has blessed me with that ability. He said he was going to call my mother to tell her the news. He knows her well. She always focuses on the positive. Each time I have told her I was pregnant she was so excited. So he attempted to call her but she didn’t pick up.

I went to work I tried not to focus on the pregnancy. I told my husband before I left I am not telling people about my pregnancy. Later that day at work my mom called me and I knew exactly what she was calling about. Like I stated my mother always showed her excitement for my pregnancy. She did exactly what I expected. I think all I really needed was to get her “blessing”.

She asked me how I felt. I explained to her that I don’t feel like I’m ready to have another child and my baby is only 11 month and we are pregnant again. She told me this a blessing and don’t worry about what others think. It’s only now that people have something to say when mothers have children back to back. She said before when people were married women were expected to have children. What she said screamed the truth.

I feel like I am truly accepting my pregnancy. Also like my mother and husband God will provide for children and I am going to keep that in mind. I have to remember because I tend to over worry about things. Looking forward to seeing what gender the baby. Even though I told my husband I wasn’t telling anyone about this pregnancy and I’m writing about it is the opposite of what I said. I guess I am fine with strangers knowing about it.

Stay at Home Jobs

Hey Moms and Dads. I have a few leads some stay at home jobs. I hope you all  have luck getting a job from these leads I share. If any of you moms are dad are interested please send me an email to krazy4cases@gmail.com to send you the links to these companies so that you can apply. Please share this blog with others looking for a stay at home job

Job InformationLaboratory Informatics Scientist

Company :iVention LLC
Job Type :Part-Time
Salary RangeFrom : $15 – To $25 Per Hour
CategoryComputer / IT
They are are a family, kid, living life on life’s terms company.  We work as a team to make sure we deliver to our client laboratories the best we have to offer while taking care of our kids, parents, and the other chaos that living an interesting life brings. Previous laboratory experience is helpful but not required.   If you are interested please apply and add a cover letter explaining how you envision this being a great role for you to play at iVention.  If you have questions please email Doug.holbrook@ivention.us.
Spiritually-Centered Customer Service and Administrative Assistant
Job Type – Part-Time
Salary :RangeFrom $250 – To $500 Per Month
Category :Customer Service
This position will involve responding to emails from customers, prospective customers, and other souls on our mailing list, offering them direction to some of our free meditation support. One of the owners would also like assistance organizing the email system for the company, as well as, your being a ‘gate-keeper’ and screening her emails for her, and giving her only what she needs to respond to, and lovingly responding to others on her behalf.

Company : Worldwide101
Job Type – Part-Time
Salary – RangeFrom $20 – To $20 Per Hour
Category Paralegal / Legal

Worldwide101 is a market leader in helping drive the success of growing businesses by matching them with highly-skilled remote professionals in the areas of Executive Assistance, Marketing, Project Management and more. We are searching for experienced applicants who share our obsession with quality and outstanding service. We are actively seeking candidates from the United States. All positions are part-time employee positions.

This is a rewarding and exciting long term opportunity to work alongside senior level executives and successful business owners  as they grow their business and make a greater difference in the world.

A typical growing business needs paralegal support with any of the following:

  • Maintaining appointment schedules by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, and travel
  • Organizing travel arrangements including flight and hotel bookings
  • Supporting legal firm with administrative tasks as needed
  • Conserving client’s time by reading, researching, and routing correspondence; drafting letters and documents; collecting and analyzing information; initiating phone calls
  • Email management
  • Other admin support as necessary

Skills and Experience:

  • A minimum of 7 years experience in a role related to administration and executive assistance ideally working as a Paralegal
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize work as needed
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Knowledge of online tools and software
  • Ability to learn new tools quickly
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and strong writing skills.
  • Organized
  • A team player who is proactive, flexible, results-oriented and comfortable in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Ability to work independently and under the pressure of deadlines


  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive pay (starting at $20 an hour)
  • 100% remote (work from home)
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Paid parental leave
  • Ongoing technical, onboarding, and account management support
  • Ongoing mentorship to help you succeed
  • A fun and collaborative virtual team environment
  • A positive company culture that understands work/life balance
  • An opportunity to grow with a forward-thinking organization
  • Fun company swag

Worldwide101 is currently hiring in the following 15 States:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia



So I was invited to attend a wedding between two coworkers. I knew about their wedding ever since I had started the job. I did not expect to actually be invited. Side note my husband started working for the company about four months ago and is pretty cool with the groom. Anyways back to the story. We get invited to the wedding via the wedding planner. She told the bride it was not the proper etiquette to invite someone this late. This late meaning about a week before the wedding. I know there had been some cancellation and since things were paid for might as well try to still fill those spots.

Now as I had stated before, this wedding was between two coworkers. So it’s not uncommon you would probably have a good amount of coworkers there because of work being the second home as much as we work.

It actually saddened me to see how many people who RSVP to the wedding who didn’t show up. Is that a reflection of the support these so-called friends show? Or is it just selfishness that you RSVP yes but don’t show up knowing that you were paid for. Should the bride and groom expect an outstanding wedding gift from those who didn’t attend and there were many who didn’t actually show.

This is just heavy on my heart because I was able to be blessed to witness their union. I find that to be very important. Being married isn’t easy it’s a test every day, but it’s totally worth it if you are married to someone who is willing to work with you. It also makes me reflect on who is an actual friend. In my opinion, my actual friends would be supporting me getting married. But her that’s just me and my little thoughts. I wish them the best in their marriage. 💕💕💕

Just a frustration

So I am a mother of two. I have been married twice. Each child having a different father. My sons father and his family really IRKS ME !!! Granted I get annoyed slightly quickly. But I got remarried and I moved to Georgia. He WAS married and it seemed like that marriage fell apart. I actually want to ask her what happened but that’s just being nosey lol. Anyways my sons father was on child support mandate through the state of New York. So child support was coming directly out of his checks so there was no need to ask him for money. I thought the amount that he was mandated to give me was enough, even though he was even suppose to pay half of his child care but I didn’t ask for that. I just took the money and used it for childcare. We all know child care isn’t CHEAP.

So fast forward and we both move out of our home states. Mine being New York and his being New Jersey. He moved to Maryland while I moved to Savannah. He said he was still looking for a job. Right off the back I was annoyed because how do you move and you don’t have a job ? But hey everyone cant be smart to think that far ahead to make sure they have a job before they move. So all of last year he would promise ok I am going to give you something for Adam. Those were empty words. I signed Adam up for basketball. I told his father that what I would be doing. I asked would be able to give a few bucks for him to get basketball sneakers and shorts for practice. His father is very into  basketball so I thought maybe he might come up out his pocket for that. I am not sure why I even asked because it was October and he had promised to get our son sneakers for school. He asked for his shoe size. Still till this day still hasn’t gotten the child sneakers.

Finally I got fed up and I started to call the number I had for child support. I had gotten a letter in the mail saying I ad to go to New York for court. So I went up there. He knew he had to come to court as well. He didn’t show. I was livid ! I had to pay for a flight to come to New York plus I had the case dismissed due to neither one of us living in Suffolk county where the order of support started. I went to the child support office that was in my area. They said I needed to get all of this paper work from New York, which I didn’t even understand why they couldn’t do it but that’s neither here or there. All this time he had given maybe 60 each month. That was something I guess …. All this time his family knew what was going on and they gave no support. That is very frustrating. I actually feel like my son gets the short end of the stick as grand kids due to I speak my mind and I don’t try to sugar coat stuff.

I am currently still not getting anything and I am still waiting for the child support, with that being said I have a whole job. I work for retail and if you know retail its not the best. Its not the best but it pays the bills. I say its not the best due to the times and the amount of time. So since my son has a dead beat dad and his father’s family hasn’t tried to give any support yet my family has stepped up and my husbands family has helped. I have tried to look for side hustles. I recently just posted a YouTube https://youtu.be/M6O5BiPx3Zs go ahead and check that out if you want. Thanks for listening/ reading my little vent. Next post I will be sharing some of my side hustles that I have been doing to get a little extra income.


A little Something about Me

My name is Asiyah. I am currently 28 years old living in the Savannah Ga area. I am a mother of two children. As I write this I laugh out loud because this sounds so formal or dating app-ish. I decided to start this blog just so that I kind of have an outlet to express myself. I don’t feel like I am a strong writer but maybe this blog can help me tune up my skills in writing. So as I stated before I have two children one wonderful boy who is in the first grade and a baby girl who is currently 10 months.

So in my little blog I guess I will be telling those who read it how a day in a life of a mom is. I joke with my friends that I want a Kim K or should I say a Kim West life. But do we really want her life in retrospect ? I personally just the finical part of her life. With that being said my blog will also be telling you about my side hustles I do to make a little extra cash. I currently work in retail. The cellphone business to be exact. I hope yall enjoy my blog and I will looking forward to yall interacting with me ❤


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